Super Mario 63

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Super Mario 63 is a game created by the Super Mario 64 and Nintendo fan base. Have you ever played Super Mario 64, most likely on the Nintendo 64 game system? This online game is very similar! The main menu of the game gives you three options, Story, Extras, and Options. To begin the game, simply choose story, click on one of four files, and create a new game! You can also choose whether you would like to be Mario or Luigi, simply by clicking on either the M, or the L before starting a new game.

This game has a very short tutorial level, but it is fairly thorough. You move with the directional buttons on your keyboard, left to go left, right to go right, up to jump, up twice for a double jump, and down to crouch. Mario moves the same exact way in Super Mario 63 as he does in nearly every other Mario game. Other than the directional keys, you use Z, X, and C. Z is to talk and ground pound, X is Mario’s spin attack, C is to use fludd, and shift is to change fludds.

One of the best things about Super Mario 63 is that although it is possibly most similar to Super Mario 64, this game also incorporates many different themes from other Mario games, and it has it’s own original levels and a detailed storyline.Also, some other mario games can be found at Friv website. You can collect coins, star coins, and shine sprites in this game, as well as kill enemies and eventually, as in all Mario games, face Bowser! What more could you ask for in a game, made completely by fans, with original content?

You could play this Mario game for hours, just like you played Mario games when you were a kid, and possibly still do, to this very day. The challenge, mixed with the satisfying completion of levels, coupled with nostalgia, will keep you playing for days.

Super Mario 63, 9.2 out of 10 based on 142 ratings
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